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26 Mar 2015

24 hours in New York


No matter how many days, hours, minutes or seconds you spend in New York, it’s still not enough! Whatever you’ve seen at the cinema, it’s just cinema. ”This is a dream, don’t wake me up!”, I kept telling myself in the biggest State of America.

We got off the train, 4 crazy friends, and we started pinching each other. We were in the most famous city in the world, what would we be able to see in the 24 hours we had available until our next flight?

”I have a plan!”, I said. It was a lie! I didn’t. But maybe in 24 hours we could manage to see a bit of everything.! The most important sights. The ones that if we never came back to New York, we would be happy and proud to have seen them, photographed them and to have spent some time there.

It is the centre of the world and we are here! ”Let’s enjoy it, let’s walk New York”, I thought.

So, I present to you in awe the 5 places you have to see in New York!

1) Central Park. The most renowned park stretching over a few thousand acres where you honestly forget that you are in New York. Imagine quite spots with parks where you can relax, lakes that you can go on a boat ride or fish, fountains and waterfalls with an abundance of water and paths where you can take a walk among lots of trees. In Central Park you can see Shakespeare Garden, the Whisper Bench, the Great Lawn, the Carousel and the Strawberry Fields.

Central Park


2) The Statue of Liberty. If this isn’t worth admiring, then what is? We were faced with extremely long queues and we had already spent a few hours in the city. So we saw it from a distance, said hi to Liberty and we left!

Αγαλμα Ελευθερίας

3) The Empire State Building. The tall buildings in this city take your breath away. Skyscrapers that actually ‘scrape’the sky! This specific building is the second tallest in the world (357 metres, 102 storeys).


4) Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. You sit there, next to the East River admiring the beauty of the illuminated bridge and you think that yes, New York is dynamic, full of life, cultural, tasteful, full of music and everything is in front of you just like in a picture.

γεφυρα μπρουκλιν

5) Times Square. The most craziest square in the world. It is out of this world! We spent a lot of hours here. We played with the huge screens, looked at the billboards, felt like stars!!





We experienced a 24 hour adventure in New York! It’s a different thing me telling you about it, or reading about it to…actually experiencing it!
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