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20 Feb 2015

The luxurious French Riviera

The French Riviera…aristocratic like its name! A destination for the rich something which is obvious around you. For us it was a business trip with delicious cuisine, an expensive hotel, VIP transport, business meetings and a lot of fun. Specifically we found ourselves in Nice, capital of the French Riviera, a city not so popular with tourists in France but whenever you visit it, you’ll definitely return in the summer to swim and enjoy the busy Baie des Anges beach (Gulf of Angels). We arrived early in the morning so we had plenty of time to wait for the rest of the group and to explore the area. Like in any city, in Nice you can find hotels for every budget. We decided to experience the life of a millionaire for a few days. Our hotel was Boscolo Exedra Nice ( It’s situated in the city centre, close to the beach. I’s surrounded by green and you will feel completely peaceful. The hotel itself triggers your imagination with its luxurious art and decoration. The freshly cut flowers in every corner and the small balconies along the hotel were really impressive. You felt like Marie Antoinette, preparing to address the crowds in French!


nice 10


What to eat?

Many words kitchens. The only certainty is that in Nice not staying hungry. Chinese, French, Turkish and a little Italian. As lovers of street food that was on my way in every country try it. The same here. Pizza with raw egg, grated baklava with pistachio, scrambled eggs with asparagus, quiche lorraine (awesome French cheese), bouillabaisse (we found that most traditional is fish soup) and finally do not forget t …. lamb’s fries! The inhabitants of Nice crazy! It gourmet dish and expensive!




nice 5




nice 11


Are you up for some roller skating?

What? You’ve never tried it? This is your chance to try it on the huge avenues of Nice. Promenade des Anglais is the most visited street of the city. It will remind you of Baywatch. You can see palm trees on both sides of the street. It is suitable for walking and roller skating. You witness a different view of the city. A faster one if you can keep your balance. That is if, unlike me, you can.


Nice 14


The professional event.

I knew there was going to be a professional seminar but I had no idea how professional it would be! Sit comfortably and share my joy! I hope you experience it! I wish you do from the bottom of my heart! Limo service to pick you up from the hotel and take you to the meeting point. Just like that because you are a VIP member. Free champagne and a limousine ride all over the city. Just like that because you are a VIP member. Red carpet. Just like that because you are a VIP member.

When you arrive at the meeting point you see that apart from you there are thousands more VIP members! Woohoo, we are so many I thought!

We expereienced three full days of training, acquaintances and fun. (I honestly did not expect how easy it would be to combine work with pleasure).

The most exciting part was meeting people from different cultures. I don’t believe I had ever seen an African, a Caucasian and an Asian hugging each other and dancing Gangnam Style.





nice 12












nice 1


During the intervals of our business meetings we explored all corners of Nice. There were so many, elegant and charming.


nice 16



I shop therefore I am.

Tell me now. Can you leave without take a souvenir? A cardpostal? A magnet? A dreamball? Of course not. It exhibits the trip souvenirs. These will console when you return home and think why not you had a few more days. In Nice I found colorful scented soaps in various designs, flowers, perfumes, embroidered and clay. On the way Jean Medecin all the shops along. Clothes, shoes, accessories. Then again, if youwant something more expensive there are Armani, Gucci and Rolex shops. They are plentiful in many corners of the shopping street.




Massena, my favourite square!

You need to walk in the city of Nice. Wander without a map in the alleys and the squares. You will come upon many squares, fountains, churches, statues and quaint alleys. The buildings are of Italian architecture, colourful and will cheer you up. I strongly recommend you spend many hours at Massena Square. Everything can be found there. Restaurants, shops, cafes, fountains. Nice by night!! Nice is amazingly lit at night. You can see colourful little people sat on poles. Unique!




nice 15




nice 7


nice 9


nice 6




Some sights that must be seen:

  • The astronomical observatory
  • Tthe Botanical Garden
  • The Russian Cathedral.

Most locals urged us to visit the city again either in the summer or during the Carnival period. They know better. 🙂


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