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07 Feb 2015

Delicious travelogue in Rome

I was looking for a country where I could go to admire something. I didn’t need to think for more than five seconds! The magnificent Rome was going to be my next destination.

There I would learn the amazing language (it is said that it sounds like Latin which we did in High School!), I would taste the famous gelato ice cream, mmm and then everything there is in the Italian cuisine comes to mind like pasta and pizza.

This is a city which you surely can’t get enough of. I had to travel there three times that year in order to feel more Roman than the actual Romans! Each time was different. The one that stands out is the one when I was there with very dear friends and we found ourselves walking in Rome from the Colosseum and the Fontana Di Trevi to the Vatican and back again so that we could sample mouthwatering carbonara, fragrant cappuccinos and unique ice-creams.

Also, to walk in the stylish alleys, have fun with passers-by and photograph anything we found charming (which is everything really). That was the time when we had the best guide. An original Greek with a post graduate degree in the best Italian spots. Wherever you see the foot brand and the artistically written Kapnidis Tours sign, just follow it. Your feet will be on fire, but you will definitely catch a different glimpse of Rome. He knows better.

Roma! Roma! Roma! It is a trip that I don’t want to make reference to lists and musts.

I’ll speak to you through pictures. Let’s start walking…




rome 1


rome 2




rome 3


rome 4


After two hours full of awe, admiration and a lot of walking it’s time for delicious pasta and coffee. Absolutely to try a la Italian carbonara. Such delicious recipes you will not find anywhere on the planet.






Recharge and continue to Pantheon and the Vatican to find us in the evening to Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum by night.








And we did not see anything yet ..














When planning your own trip to Rome?

This article is dedicated to the company who travelled in Rome-Florence trip 2013. I was with these crazy friends who lived the fairytale and I felt that the world was created to meet all. This is our destiny!

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