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29 Oct 2015

Take your sword and let’s go to Spathi (sword in Greek)!

Spathi (67)


Don’t tell me. Did you think that you would take a sword, fight with dragons and dangerous heroes of the greek mythology to get to Spathi? Well no. Your sword will help you fight together
with the will-strength you have inside you, in order to reach the last summit of the mountain
and why not, as an alternative means to support you while climbing. Nothing more.
So one more adventurous Sunday with Pyxida was upon us, we had to sacrifice our morning coffee at the
harbour of Sitia, we toughened up, smiled, got together with our friends and we left for Spathi. I
don’t know if you have been there and if you are one of the very few climbers who have visited
this mountain. Personally, from today onwards I’m one of the few who succeeded in reaching
the top. If there was a flag for my achievement I would have stuck it in the highest point of the
mountain. (You can laugh freely! I would!!!).
There are two paths you can follow to reach the top. The first one starts from the village of Lastros and the second from the southern part of
Crete, at the deserted village of Mpemponas. We chose the second one since it’s considered
relatively easier. Spathi is one of the highest mountain peaks east of Sitia with a height of 1200
metres. You can use a map to draw your route. It is roughly a 40 km trip through the southern
villages of Sitia. It is a goat road for tough tyres and tough drivers. The whole trip is not just
breathtaking. It is unique.
We entered the village of Mpemponas and ascended following the
road which is said to have been a Minoan path. It takes us to the mountain pass of Augou. It will
be a long and difficult road but the scenery is unbelievable. I hope you are fit because the
ascending begins right from the start. Let’s go.
Spathi Lastro (1)
Spathi Lastro (3)
Spathi (50)
After being counted by the group leader, the
adventure began. Thirty completely mad people started ascending through fog and rain to reach
the top of one of the highest peaks in Lasithi. Nothing could stop our adventure!
Spathi Lastro (8)
Spathi Lastro (7)
Spathi Lastro (11)
Spathi Lastro (6)
Ascending you will be amazed by the wild nature. We were completely impressed by the scenery. So wil you. It
might be true that the village of Mpemponas is nothing special architecturally speaking or when
we consider its size, the feeling though that you are far away from civilization, beats everything.
Spathi Lastro (12)
Spathi Lastro (9)
Spathi Lastro (4)
Spathi Lastro (14)
Hop! Hop! Did you think you were only going to hike? There is a mazy route and climbing..This is
the first impression of Spathi.
Spathi (56)
Spathi Lastro (19)
The place is idyllic, the vegetation wonderful and the tranquility
of the scenery calming.
Spathi Lastro (22)
Don’t look for signs of humans in the lush vegetation. Stones, wild
bushes and scattered voices somewhere in the background. Our team is united though. All for
one and one for all. Just before we reach the top, we catch our breath, take some pictures and
our mysterious trip continues.
Spathi Lastro (18)
Spathi (85)
Spathi Lastro (24)
Spellbound by the white veil formed by the clouds of Lasithi, I will
present to you some of the pictures of the earth and the sky which will take your breath away.
You can spot Sitia, Pahia Ammos, Agios Nikolaos and see 2 Seas together from the highest
point. The Cretan Sea and the Libyan Sea. Reaching the top, I feel braver than ever. After a one
and a half hour difficult ascend, we made it. We conquered the summit in pride and glory.
Amazing view, amazing feeling of success. Your relationship to nature can be compared to
nothing else. Enjoy it!
Spathi (53)
Spathi Lastro (16)
Spathi Lastro (23)
Spathi (33)
When you decide to leave Spathi (with difficulty), do it very carefully. The
rocks are steeper and more dangerous when you descend.
Spathi Lastro (26)
Spathi Lastro (27)
Spathi Lastro (28)
By sheer chance or not, I don’t know
what goes on, we always find ourselves in situations like this, whether it is up on a mountain or
by the sea we always end up sitting around tables and listening to guitars and lutes. We keep
on eating and drinking raki. We are typical people of Lasithi. We, as a group share an endless
love and will for fun and adventure. Cheers to everyone in the group!
Spathi (10)

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