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07 Feb 2015

Adventures in Aherontas


Aherontas holds an important spot in my adventures with compass because of its amazing story, magnificent memories and unique craving. As a student in the area of Preveza everything in the region was new and pointed out adventure. Of course, you can’t call something new after visiting it seven times in just a year only to make sure that I had counted all the springs, the paths, the trees and the pebbles. It was the trip/outing that had to be experienced for any visitor coming from the island. We went rafting, canoeing, camping, swimming, horse riding, mountain climbing in the gorge and if I hadn’t completed my studies I would have surely found other ways to lose myself in its green nature.



Axerontas 6



Axerontas (3)




Although it crosses three counties (Ioannina, Thesprotia, Preveza) if you find yourself anywhere in Ipiros by car or by plane, a stop at the springs of Aherontas will make you love the ample nature with the crystal clear water sounding like a melody.


Axerontas (4)



Axerontas (2)

Myth! Tale! Fairy-tale!

The Aherontas River has been known since the ancient times. It is rumored to be evil. Rumor has it that it was the sinister river where Hades (God of a different God) led people’s souls to Aherousia Lake (it can’t be called a lake nowadays). The souls can be heard shouting and crying at the river at night. Some say that Odysseus went to Hades crossing the Aherontas River to get information on how to get home to Ithaca by oracle Tiresias.

However we didn’t see anything bad, sly or evil. In reality mythology creates a mystery which makes you want to get from the beginning to the end of the river so that you can explore it. Crossing it you can sense nature smelling just like after some rain. Wet trees and flowers. Clear oxygen. Springs can be found in many parts of the area near the river. Sometimes whitewater can be seen coming from waterfalls and rocks, sometimes the water flows smoothly. We dared splash in the water where it flowed smoothly although we could feel our teeth chattering. I could have called us heroes of the water or bubbleheroes since the temperature was 6-10oC. That was the end of this adventure and a few weeks later came the next one.





Axerontas (5)





Don’t be intimidated by this idea. There are enough hotels in the area. We chose the alternative way to experience Tarzan’s fairytale in the jungle. However no one had told us (that’s why we’re telling you) that no matter what season you visit Aherontas the rain will make your visit more romantic!

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