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03 Feb 2015

Bonjour Paris!

Bonjour Paris!

Paris is not just the city of lights. It is the city of love, romance, adventure and discovery.

It is difficult to describe it if you don’t experience it at first hand. You just imagine it.

I was lured by a close friend to explore the alleys of Paris so that we could exchange friendship oaths. He knew from the first moment that I wouldn’t be able to resist such a trip and that I would go anywhere.

Paris to me is culture, painting, sculpture, poetry. It is also art, civilization, nature, lights, colours, scents!

One of the many things which impressed me in Paris was the metro. It really is the best metro I have ever seen. It connects everything to everywhere from one side of the city to the other. Exactly what I want! My stay at the wonderful Best Western Hotel Ronceray Opera Right in the heart of Paris was very pleasant and the staff really friendly. There are thousands of sights in Paris and a lot of museums. The Eiffel Tower, Park du Champs de Mars, Trocadero, The Louvre Museum, Les Invalides as well as Montmartre.

Let’s walk French style…

1) The Eiffel Tower. Whenever you decide to visit it, you will be impressed, you’ll feel awe and the man responsible is Gustave Eiffeil. First floor, second floor, third floor and you can see right in front of you the whole of Paris. Up at the highest point of the city a glass of French champagne is at your disposal until 10 at night.

2) The Louvre Museum. The biggest museum in the world. In the Da Vinci corridors you will come across more than 30,000 exhibits, such as the famous Mona Lisa, our very own Nike of Samothrace and Aphrodite of Milos, the Sphinx and many more, a lot of those being Greek in origin. Enjoy a cup of coffee from the café and wander in the gardens.


Το μουσείο του Λούβρου

3) Notre-Dame de Paris. A gothic masterpiece. We first learned about it from the movie with the same name and now we lit a candle in it. It is a weird feeling where everything seems like out of a movie and suddenly you’re experiencing it. Dejavu.

Νότρε Νταμ

4) Mont Parnasse. It is not the casino on Mount Parnitha. It is an amazing building.

I’m standing in front of it and the first thing that comes to my mind is: Oh mon dieu (Oh my God)! A building which is actually a skyscraper, 196 metres in height with 70 floors. It takes 38 seconds in the lift to get to the top floor where from the roof you have a 360 degree view of the city.

Oh mon Dieu


5) Montmartre. You have to walk through its bohemian alleys with the vintage cafes and pose for a pleasant artist overlooking the city.

There you’re not experiencing reality. You believe that you are free as a bird and you want to fly away…


Paris 4

6) Chatteau de Versailles. Nothing could be more impressive than the colourful gardens. Fountains, statues from Greek mythology, lakes and parks.

7) Avenue des Champs-Elysees. It is the most beautiful and most famous avenue in Europe. With its charm it has been seducing every passer-by for the last 330 years. It comes to an end at Arc de Triomphe.

8) Trocadero. Fountains for swimming and taking pictures.

9) The river Seine. Through a night cruise in the river Seine we could experience every sight by night, the star of course being the Eiffel Tower flashing every 50 minutes like a Christmas tree.

10) Disneyland. Play, have fun, dance. Age is of no importance there, the only thing that matters is your soul. Stay until the end of the night. All the Disney characters parade carnival style on decorated floats.

unnamed (2) unnamed

What should you taste: We had dinner every night at Champs-Elysees. I loved the roast goose with potatoes and for dessert I found the crème brulee amazing! You can find those dishes at Chez Clement. Don’t leave without trying chocolate mousse, champagne, the colourful macaroons and the different kinds of cheese.


Where to shop: Gallerie Lafayette, Au Printemps, Samaritaine. In Champs-Elysees you can find all the fashion houses (Gucci, Luis Vitton, Lacoste etc.) and any kind of perfume you would like to smell. It is not known as the fashion capital of the world for no reason!


To sum up as much as you say about Paris is never enough.

It will always be in my heart as my first trip abroad, an experience I’d love to relive.

Bon voyage mon ami!



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