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Spathi  (67)
29 Oct 2015
Take your sword and let’s go to Spathi (sword in Greek)!

  Don’t tell me. Did you think that you would take a sword, fight with dragons and dangerous heroes of …read more →

30 Mar 2015
Τhe road to the lonely Karoumes

Sitia may be popular about its customs, villages, cuisine and beaches but its gorges and mountains are an integral element. …read more →

Faragi Sarakina-Mirtos (4)
15 Feb 2015
Are you ready for a walk in Sarakina?

This is how the adventure at Sarakina Gorge begins! The reply to all twelve text messages that I sent was …read more →

10 Feb 2015
Si-mel: Honey Toplou

Life … sweet as honey! They say if not praised your home … it will fall to crushed. I feel …read more →

07 Feb 2015
A bit of raki, a bit of sea and our Sitia!

‘The land of Sitia’ festival. If you find a way to resist the delicacies of Cretan cuisine let me know. …read more →