| Let's have an adventure together!

We are a team mad about travel. We love amazing adventure stories. We like sharing them. We take the compass out of our pocket and dream of faraway destinations/places. We work hard to bring the whole world/planet inside your living room, to inspire you with new destinations, to organize your trip and recommend what’s best!



Founder / CEO: Sofi Savidaki

Hello (Dear) travelers,
I am Sophie, an in love travel girl who never stops discovering new destinations, experiencing adventures, seeking the culture and civilization of other races and aiming to reach every corner of the planet. Travel is not just a destination for is a passion, an obsession, discovery!

I am from Sitia on Crete, a magical place which can take steal your heart, your mind and your soul at the first time you visit it. During the last two years I have been after every big or small challenge having to do with any alternative kind of travel. I travel a lot. Being a member of a huge travel club I cash out enough travel miles per year to experience and share the magic of travelling with friends or alone. Our motto is: You should be here!

Travel4days is aimed at all of those who are addicted to travelling, are looking for a different aspect of themselves, want to relax, have fun, try exotic flavors, be advertised, learn about the manufacturing process of products, choose suitable accommodation, explore nature. Moreover it addresses those who want to describe their own Travel4day.

Let’s have an adventure together!




Web designer / Web developer / Administrator: Vassilis Kritharakis


Hi everyone. I’m Vasilis/Bill, born in Sitia but the comings and goings of my student life are responsible for my wandering spirit and the love for discovery since a young age. Technology and web design won me over. My goal is to share travel information in any way to all four corners of the Earth.

Wherever you are, you are always on a journey!






Travel4days is your own compass for trips of four days…or just for days!