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15 Feb 2015

The most expensive cupcake in the world!

Hello travellers…I’m Giannis and today we will spend some time looking at some of the most expensive deserts in the world… Are you ready? Here we go..

“Bloomsbury Cupcakes” in Dubai makes the most delicious cupcakes in the city and now the most expensive mini cake in the whole world. The renowned “Golden delicious”> which was just displayed in the shop window and has made a huge impact. What’s the reason for that? It is not a usual cupcake made from sugar, butter, eggs, flour and some common chocolate.. It is a small treasure made from the best chocolate, covered with sheets of gold (edible) of many carats…twenty three that is!! Yes don’t rub your eyes in disbelief…23 carats..

So it is made from five unique ingredients from different parts of the planet..

Organic flour from the United Kingdom, Rachel organic butter, Premium Amedei Porcelena cocoa from Italy, top quality vanilla and all these are wrapped in sheets of gold!

“At times very expensive desserts have been made but some of their ingredients aren’t edible, like, for example, diamonds which are used for decoration. We are presenting to you the first completely edible most expensive dessert in the world!”, says Shafeena Yusuff Ali, owner of the shop. If many people consider his creation “useless” or “excessive luxury”, one thing is for sure, they will be more than astonished when they find out its price: 645 pounds for two spoonfuls the most!






What do you think? Are you ready for a gold taste?


Pastry chef: Giannis Skourogiannakis

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